Report a Bad Grate

Do you know what a bad sewer drain grate is? Or why it's dangerous? Find out!

Check out the tips below on submitting a bad grate.


Required - please hit the button as close to the grate as possible.


If yes, please include your contact details below.


This page works best on a smartphone, but feel free to use your computer:

  • If you aren't sure what makes a grate bad or dangerous, read the the guide.
  • Use the Image field to take a picture – it should automatically pop up the camera on a smartphone and upload a file on desktop. It's best if the picture is zoomed in enough to show that the slats are parallel to the road, but zoomed out enough to give some context.
  • The GPS location will not allow the site to track you all over town, it just gets a precise location when you hit the button.
  • If you know the address that's great, but the site automatically assigns one, so it's  better to describe where the offending grate is in relation to your surroundings or why it's especially problematic.
  • If you supply an email address, you won't ever get added to some creepy list, but you might get an email if there are any  questions about your submission.
  • If you find yourself using the site a lot on the go, you might want to add it to your home screen.

Still confused about what this is all about?


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